These Small Changes Could Mean Big Savings

These Small Changes Could Mean Big SavingsWe’re always looking for ways to save money. One great way to do that this summer is to make some small changes in the way you approach efficiency in your home. It’s not just about buying a more efficient system — although that’s certainly one major step you can take to save on your utility bills — but also about taking a more organic, whole-house approach to cutting back on energy use.

Tips for Cutting Back on Energy Use

1. Keep conditioned air in and unconditioned air out. Air leaks are one of the main ways your air conditioning dollars are wasted. Every home has them, but some have more than others. Perform your own energy audit by walking around your home, waving either a lit candle or incense stick in front of windows and doors and any openings from the exterior (wires, cables and pipes) to see if the smoke wavers. If so, you have a leak. Seal them with weatherstripping, caulk or insulation.

2. Make sure your system is running at its peak. The best way to do this is to schedule spring maintenance. Your HVAC tech will test the refrigerant level, inspect for parts that may be wearing out and require replacement, or places where conditioned air may be leaking out.

3. Change the air filter regularly. Be sure to change your air filter regularly. A dirty filter will slow down the system’s air flow, causing it to run less efficiently, and perhaps even damaging parts. A clean air filter will also help your A/C dehumidify the home better. Higher humidity levels in the summer make you feel warmer, so it’s important keep the relative humidity well below 50 percent.

4. If your home is too humid (a hygrometer can tell you), you can lower it by installing a whole-house dehumidifier.

5. Install ceiling fans. Run ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer to feel cooler as the breeze passes over your skin.

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