HVAC Questions to Ask When Buying a House

HVAC Questions to Ask When Buying a HouseThe HVAC system is generally the most expensive piece of equipment in any home. Likewise, it’s the most essential when it comes to the comfort of a home’s occupants. So when you’re looking at buying a house, you need to find out all you can about the heating and cooling systems. Here are some key questions to ask when you’re shopping.

1. How old is the HVAC system?

The age of the HVAC system should be considered as you negotiate a price. Older systems may have a lot of life left, but you’ll have to think about more frequent repairs as a system reaches the 10-year mark. Another important issue is what kind of refrigerant the air conditioner uses: Freon is being phased out, so be aware it will cost more, or else be more difficult to acquire in years to come, to keep an older A/C going.

2. What types of heating and cooling systems are installed in the home?

Most likely, you’ll be looking at a home with a basic forced air furnace and central air conditioner. But if the system is equipped with some of the latest HVAC innovations designed to improve comfort and efficiency — such as a Wi-Fi thermostat, condensing furnace, electronically commutated motor (ECM) or scrolling compressor — you may expect the seller to pass along some of the costs for all that technology. If the home comes with a heat pump or ductless mini split, radiant floor or wall heating, you’ll need to brush up on the ins and outs of that technology, and how efficient it’s likely to be in our climate.

3. Has the system been maintained?

Ask to see the documents for maintenance, so you’ll know if the system has been well maintained, and what sort of issues it may have had.

4. Is the warranty transferable?

Sometimes warranties are only good for the original purchaser. Find out before you buy.

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