Programming Your Thermostat for Colder Weather

Programming Your Thermostat for Colder WeatherBravo if you know how to correctly set your home’s programmable thermostat for maximum energy savings. But it’s important to remember that the temperature settings need to be changed once the weather shifts from summer to fall and winter. A programmable thermostat with improper settings is no better than an old-school manual thermostat.

A properly set programmable thermostat allows you to program temperature changes (sometimes called “setbacks”) to fit your lifestyle and schedule, or those of family members. It turns down the heating or cooling when nobody’s home or when everybody’s sleeping. A manual thermostat can save money, too, though it requires a vigilant human being to monitor the settings and adjust them constantly. It also doesn’t allow for temperature changes when nobody’s around to adjust the thermostat.

Resetting the programmable thermostat is necessary when cooling season changes to heating season, since the setbacks need to be adjusted to account for the shift from a cooling system to a heating system. Here’s a sample schedule for resetting the programmable thermostat for the heating season:

  • Program the temperature several degrees — as many as 10 or 12 — lower for times when you’re going to be gone for more than several hours, such as at work or school.
  • Set it to return to your comfort level shortly before you expect to arrive home. Leave it that temperature throughout the evening.
  • Lower the temperature several degrees for overnight, since most people prefer it several degrees cooler while they’re sleeping and are covered with blankets.
  • Program the thermostat to return to your daytime comfort level shortly before you expect to awaken in the morning. You might decide to skip this temperature change if you’re planning to go right out the door after a quick breakfast. It may strain your heating system to crank up the temperature several degrees, for a half hour or so, then reduce it again for the day.

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