What is Great HVAC Customer Service?

What is Great HVAC Customer Service?Savvy consumers have little patience these days with poor customer service. The HVAC business community realizes this, but we also know that not all HVAC customers are sure what good service in our industry looks like. If you’re in the market for HVAC repairs or an installation, here are some things we suggest looking for when it comes to great HVAC customer service.

Prompt First Response

Many HVAC customers are in panic mode when they call or email an HVAC company for service. They need assurance from the moment they place the call or send an email that someone will respond quickly to their emergency. Phone attendants should be patient and courteous, taking down all the information, relaying it to the right person and following up as needed. If the company uses email for service requests, someone should be regularly checking the messages and passing them on. If the company advertises 24/7 service, the customer shouldn’t have to wait very long for a response.

Good Communication Skills

A contractor or technician who can’t explain why a repair is needed in clear layman’s terms — or summarize the scope of an installation in as much detail as the homeowner can handle — won’t inspire confidence. Customers deserve a coherent explanation of what’s going on with their equipment, along with estimated costs and how long repairs will take. Those purchasing new equipment need to know how conditions in the home impact the efficiency of their systems so they can plan improvements prior to installation.

Skillful Time Management

Technicians should arrive on time, as scheduled, or if there’s a delay, should notify the homeowner as soon as possible. If for some reason the job has to be interrupted, the technician should explain why and exactly when the job will be completed.

Good Inventory Control

HVAC companies should maintain proper inventory in their trucks or warehouse so that parts are quickly accessible and delays minimal.

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