Things to Consider for Furnace Installation

Things to Consider for Furnace InstallationUpgrading to a new furnace is an important step towards improved home comfort and lower energy bills. Furnace installation is a lengthier and more complex process than installing simpler appliances, however. In order to get the most benefit from your new furnace and to ensure installation goes smoothly, keep in mind the following things.

Furnace Installation Should be Completed by a Professional

Poorly installed furnaces pose serious safety hazards, such as the risk of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Only allow a licensed technician to install your new heating system. Professional HVAC contractors understand the importance of following special guidelines for furnace installation. These include:

  • Calculating the heating load — A load calculation is necessary in order to determine the correct furnace size for your home. An undersized or oversized furnace will cost you money and won’t give you the best in comfort. Many variables, such as number of occupants, the home’s insulation, number of windows and type of windows, and the number of levels to the home figure into this calculation.
  • Placement — A furnace requires sufficient clearance to allow sufficient airflow and maintenance access. Your contractor will also follow local codes regarding distance between the furnace and combustible materials.
  • Ductwork — Before installation begins, a contractor should check your home’s ducts to ensure they are compatible and in good repair. Cracks in the ductwork or poor duct design will diminish your new furnace’s efficiency.

Prepare Your Space

The furnace installer will need enough room to work safely and comfortably. You can help by clearing a path to the furnace area and then cleaning the area itself of debris. Move items into another room or at least away from the work area and make sure pets are safely confined in another area of the home.

Professional technicians clean up after they are finished. Your home doesn’t need to be spotless, but it is very helpful if the area is clear of furnishings or anything else that could get in the way.

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