Common Signs of Poorly Vented Plumbing Drain Lines

Poorly vented plumbing drain lines can mimic the symptoms of other drain malfunctions. Because waste water flowing through your drain pipes can alter the pressure inside your system, outside air is required to equalize the difference.

Plumbing vents are the vertical pipes that connect to your drain system and extend straight up through the attic, venting at the roof. Like anyCommon Signs of Poorly Vented Plumbing Drain Lines empty pipe that terminates outdoors, plumbing vents are subject to blockages from leaves, birds nests and other obstructions, as well as improper placement at construction.

Finding and fixing the problem requires working on your roof using specialized tools, so leave it to your professional plumber. Give a qualified plumbing contractor a call if you notice any of the following symptoms of poorly vented plumbing drain lines.

Slow Drains That Don’t Clear

If drain action is sluggish and plunging or other methods don’t resolve a suspected clog, you may not have a blockage in the drain line after all. An obstructed vent pipe may be causing pressure that inhibits free flow through the drain system.

Unexplained Odors

Sewer smells may indicate dry drain traps under your sink. Water in these traps continuously seal out sewer gas. If any waste forms a vacuum due to inadequate venting, water may be sucked out of the traps, permeating sewer odors throughout your home.

Gurgling and Bubbling

If noises continue to emanate from drain pipes even after the sink or tub has been emptied, you may have a poorly vented plumbing drain line. The air pressure building inside poorly vented pipes can equalize by refluxing up the drains, causing gurgling or bubbling sounds.

Poor Toilet Performance

If the flushing action of your toilet seems weak and water in the bowl is slow to rise back to level, free flow through the sewer line may be inhibited by excess pressure from a blocked vent. Oftentimes, this symptom will be accompanied by bubbles surfacing in the toilet bowl even when the fixture is idle.

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