5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills This Winter

With cold weather approaching, now’s the time to complete some home projects to cut your energy bills this winter. These easy-to-complete projects are inexpensive in the short run and can each be completed within 30 minutes.

5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills This WinterWeatherstripping

A properly fitted door or window is lined with flexible weatherstripping to keep drafts out and heat in. Over time, these strips break down from use, so locating these weak spots should be your first priority. When you locate a length of weatherstripping that needs replacing, simply pull it away from the sill and tack up a fresh piece.

Outlet Protection

Electrical outlets on a home’s exterior are often the most overlooked source of heat loss in the home. You can cut your energy bills this winter by removing outlet plates and inserting inexpensive outlet gaskets designed to add insulation in areas often lacking in protection.

Plug Exterior Holes

Exterior water faucets and meter lines poking through your home’s exterior are often left exposed to the cold, as well as pests using your entryway to get in. With an expanding foam product, you can fill these gaps and reduce not only heat loss, but the encroachment of pests.

Plastic Film

It’s estimated that up to 25 percent of a home’s heating loss occurs through windows, so by adding another layer of easy-to-install plastic film, you can retain heat and lower your bills. Kits are readily available at your local hardware store.

Programmable Thermostat

Even an inexpensive programmable thermostat can help reduce your home heating costs by 10 percent, allowing you to establish heat levels during the day and night. You have the ability to lower the heat when you’re away and raise it to comfort level when you’re home.

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