Not Detecting Air Leaks Can Cost You

Winter is coming, and with it the promise of yet another stretch of cold Oklahoma weather. So what is a homeowner to do when they feel as though their furnace isn’t heating their home as well as it should? There’s increasing the amount and quality of insulation, for starters. But homes can lose heat in a number of ways without us even realizing it. One of those sources of heat loss is air leaks.

Not Detecting Air Leaks Can Cost YouDetecting air leaks can go a long way toward improving your home’s energy efficiency. There are well-known ways for air to leak, of course, such as under-door drafts. But air leaks occur in many other places than that. There are steps you can take in detecting air leaks yourself:

Conduct a visual inspection outside your home. Keep an eye out for gaps or cracks in any of the following areas:

  • Outdoor water faucets
  • Where the siding or brickwork and foundation meet
  • The area where the siding and chimney meet
  • Exterior corners

Then take a look around your home’s interior, again watching for gaps and cracks in the following:

  • Window and door frames
  • Air conditioners mounted in walls or windows
  • Baseboards
  • Switch plates
  • Electrical outlets
  • The area where your dryer vent meets the wall
  • Fans and vents
  • Weather stripping around doors
  • Areas where cable and phone lines enter the house

Pay special attention to windows. If storm windows rattle, there are possible air leaks. Air leaks are also possible if light can be seen coming through around the frame. Check the condition of caulking and weather stripping both inside and outside, and repair if necessary. Check, too, to be sure that all doors seal properly.

Detecting air leaks can take time, but it is time well spent. Sealing these leaks can go a long way toward increasing your comfort as well as lowering your energy bills in both winter and summer.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “dny3d/Shutterstock”