Our State Is Windy, But You Don’t Have to Put Up With Dust in Your Home

There are many sources of dust in your home, and ridding your home of it completely could prove problematic. A dirty air conditioner or furnace filter could be the culprit, or it could be time for a new vacuum cleaner bag. Other sources of dust include activities such as sanding. Air leaks in your HVAC ducts can bring dust into your home as can air leaks around windows and doors.

Our State Is Windy, But You Don't Have to Put Up With Dust in Your HomeHere is what you can do:

Every month you should change or clean your air conditioner filter. You can use metal-backed duct tape to seal the filter in its place, and write the date you changed it right on the tape. You will always know exactly when you need to change it again.

Does your clothes dryer vent outside? It should. The vent should be secured to the dryer. Check it regularly to ensure it is not obstructed and that there are no holes in it. If it is damaged, replace it with a metal vent duct. Clean your dryer venting at least once per year.

One of the largest sources of dust and debris in your home is your shoes. Everyone who comes into your home should remove his or her shoes at the door.

Pets that go outside can also bring debris and dust into your home. Consider wiping them down when they are ready to come in, and bathe them regularly. This does double duty for home air quality because it also removes pollen that might be tracked into your home.

Sealing your home against drafts and air leaks can also help eliminate dust in your home.

If your ducts are leaking air, sealing these leaks can prevent dust from being circulated throughout your house.

Have a professional inspect your ductwork if you are afraid they are the source of dust in your home. A qualified HVAC technician can discuss your options for professional duct cleaning.

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