Use Houseplants as a Natural Air Cleaner for Your Home

One of the simplest ways to improve air quality inside your home is to use houseplants as natural air cleaner enhancers. They are especially effective when used in conjunction with a good air filter in your HVAC system. 

Plants absorb various gases through their leaves, fueling growth. Plants have also been found capable of removing various volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehydUse Houseplants as a Natural Air Cleaner for Your Homee. Benzene can be found in everyday products such as some plastics, fabrics and in cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde is a common component in cosmetics and detergents.

Plants also help remove carbon monoxide from the air.

Some of the harmful compounds given off by household products have been shown to trigger problems for people who are prone to asthma or have respiratory illnesses.

Plants absorb these gases through the surface of their leaves and roots, and trap them. This helps keep your indoor air cleaner.

Studies have shown that you can use most houseplants as natural air cleaner boosters, but some seem especially more suited to removing certain gases than others. Boston ferns, English Ivy, Japanese royal ferns, aloe vera and peace lilies are just some that have been shown to be particularly effective at removing unwanted compounds from the air.

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