Water Heaters: For Some Households, Tank Types Work Best

There are a variety of water heater options available to any homeowner when it’s time for a replacement. While tankless water heaters have many benefits and are becoming more popular, the conventional tank water heater is still often the best option for your home because of the following reasons.Water Heaters: For Some Households, Tank Types Work Best

Massive capacity. Running out of hot water in the middle of needing it is the worst. This is a problem rarely encountered once you have a properly sized tank water heater, which can store anywhere from 20 to 120 gallons.

More affordable. Tank heaters are by far the cheaper option when compared to tankless units. If you had a tank heater in the past it will also be easy to put in a new one, whereas tankless heaters often require some extra work to be done.

Good range. There are no issues providing hot water to any number of outlets in your home with a tank heater. On the other hand, a tankless heater must be installed close to the point of use, which means that big homes often need multiple units.

Consistent Flow. It’s easy to get frustrated if the water pressure from your taps consistently varies. Since tankless heaters have a limited capacity, this is a major problem in many home. A conventional tank heater on the other hand has a large reserve capacity, which means that water flow will largely be uninterrupted.

Easy to maintain. Tankless heaters may take up less room, but can often be difficult to access to maintain or repair. Your tank heater is accessible enough that all parts are easy to inspect, clean and fix if needed.

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