Sewer Problems? Check Out the Top 3 Reasons

Water leaks and backed up water are among the most common sewer problems in Oklahoma homes. If you try to use your tub, toilet or sink and find that water isn’t draining the way you expect it to, one of these top three reasons could be the cause.Sewer Problems? Check Out the Top 3 Reasons

Drain blockage

This is the most common cause for all sewer problems. A blocked drain is most likely the reason behind backed up water if the issue affects an individual drain. Your options include clearing the blockage yourself or seeking the help of a professional plumber.

Help prevent drain blockage in the future by doing the following:

  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper (even tissues and paper towels can clog the toilet)
  • Never pour grease down the drain
  • Place strainers in tub drains and sinks without garbage disposals

Cracked or collapsed lines

Old pipes have a tendency to crack or even completely collapse. Sewer problems generating from this cause require professional help. While images of digging equipment in your yard may come to mind, look into no-dig technology to fix the problem.

Tree roots

Finicky toilets that clog for no reason or sinks that always drain slowly could be caused by tree roots. Over time, roots can wreak havoc on a sewer system by growing around pipes and crushing them. They can even grow through pipes and cause clogging and backed up water.

Only trust a professional plumber to take care of tree root problems. Ask for a thorough investigation of the sewer problems, which may include video inspection, so you can make an informed decision regarding what types of repairs are necessary.

Be sure the professionals you hire understand that it’s only appropriate to remove roots in late winter/early spring before the trees bud. After all, haphazard cuts could damage or kill the trees on your property.

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