Plumbing Problems: Find Yours on This List

There’s no good time to have plumbing problems, and chances are one will strike at the least convenient time possible. If you’re experiencing a problem in your Oklahoma home, you should contact a plumber right away. However, what do you do before the plumber arrives? Browse this list of plumbing problems to see how to immediately handle the situation.Plumbing Problems: Find Yours on This List

  • Smell of natural gas: Evacuate your home immediately without using a phone or any other electrical source, as this could cause a spark. Only call the gas company once you’re safely outside.
  • Leak in the yard: Locate the water meter and shut off the valve on the outlet side.
  • Leak from an unknown interior location: Until you identify exactly what’s causing the leak, shut off the water to the house. Since a condensate drain overflow could cause the problem, turn the air conditioner up to 82 degrees to minimize operation until the plumber arrives.
  • Leak from the water heater: Shut off the inlet valve on the water heater, and turn off the gas or electricity providing power to the water heater.
  • Toilet overflowing: Shut off the inlet valve behind the toilet and open the sewer clean-out plug on the outside of your home. Remove any soiled rugs and mop up the mess as best as you can with rags.
  • Bubbling sounds from first-floor drains: Do not operate any water fixtures upstairs, since it’s possible a sewer or drain stoppage is what’s causing the problem. Open the sewer clean-out plug outside the home and await a plumber’s instructions.
  • Kitchen sink stopped up: If the disposal is broken and the kitchen sink is backed up, open the clean-out plug outside your home and wait for the plumber to arrive.
  • Flame or char marks visible on your gas water heater: Shut off the fuel source and discontinue hot water usage until the problem is addressed.

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