Routine Filter Maintenance Is Essential During The Peak Of Cooling Season

Routine filter maintenance is a must during the cooling season. Changing your filter regularly offers a number of benefits you can’t afford to miss.Routine Filter Maintenance Is Essential During The Peak Of Cooling Season

The premise underlying air filters is twofold: They should provide basic protection for the cooling system in general so as to avoid problems due to dirt buildup, and they should offer minimum air quality protection for home occupants.

The only way to ensure protection against poor indoor air quality and dirt buildup is to change the filter often, because over time, as the filter collects dirt and debris from the air, the filter’s surface space becomes full. At this point, it will no longer function.

There are several key benefits to routine filter maintenance:

  • A clean system – A clean filter space will allow the appropriate amount of airflow into the system. When airflow is restricted, it will place undue pressure on the compressor, for instance, which will eventually wear out and cause a complete system failure.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality – Once your filter becomes full, dirt and debris will potentially bypass it and circulate through your home.
  • System protection – When components inside the A/C are full of dirt, they will quickly begin to fail, leading to the costly repair (or replacement) of components, such as the compressor or the coils.
  • A/C efficiency – When you regularly change your filter, you’ll ensure that your system can operate a peak capacity, keeping parts like the coils and air handler clean and locking in energy savings.

As you ramp up your regular use of the air conditioner, you’ll need to check the filter about once a month, changing it as it gets dirty. Homeowners who have allergies, ongoing construction projects or pets might need to change it more often. Homeowners who don’t can get away with changing their filters less often.

Put routine filter maintenance at the top of your list this season to preserve your system’s efficiency, avoid repairs and ensure energy savings. For more information, contact Air Assurance Heating, Cooling & Air Quality— serving homeowners in the Greater Broken Arrow area.

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