Avert Disaster And Detect Damaging Leaks With A Water Alarm

Household water leaks happen. When they do, they often happen in locations where residents aren’t aware of it until major damage is done. A one-eighth-inch hole in a corroded water supply line of the type commonly routed through a basement can leak 2,500 gallons of water in just 24 hours. Damage to possessions, electrical systems and even the home’s structure and foundation may occur without warning to occupants. Other areas of your home vulnerable to damaging water leaks include utility rooms with washing machines, hot water heater closets and high-energy heat pumps. Avert Disaster And Detect Damaging Leaks With A Water Alarm

Water alarms are self-contained electronic detectors that may be installed in any accessible area of your home. The devices are available in both passive and active models. Passive detectors function on a 9-volt battery and offer the flexibility to be located in areas without convenient AC power. The unit is placed at floor level in proximity to any potential leak source and activates a very high-decibel audio alarm when moisture is present. Since the majority of catastrophic indoor water leaks begin with simple dripping, a passive water alarm alerts residents to take action before a minor situation becomes a disaster.

But what if you’re not home when it happens? Active water alarms take the necessary action for you. In addition to audible alarms, active units go the extra step of automatically turning off the water supply to the house in the event of a leak. These alarms may be stand-alone systems or integrated into a whole-house alarm circuit including fire and burglar alarms. Features of active water alarms include multiple water sensors to detect leakage in several locations and digital control panels offering different modes such as “At-Home” and “Away” to vary the alarm and response.

You wouldn’t live without a smoke detector to guard your life. Don’t live without the protection of a water alarm to preserve your home and possessions. For residents of the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area, the professionals at Air Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning are available for advice on alarm systems to detect water leaks before damage occurs. Contact us today!

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