6 Energy Saving Tips That Will Help Lower Energy Costs

Today, everyone is looking for energy saving tips; the state of the economy has left many people without work and money is tight.  Part of your effort to save money should include making sure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently.

If your system is in good working order, there are other steps you can take to make sure that your home is comfortable while still saving a bundle on monthly energy costs.

No other system or appliance in your home consumes as much energy as your HVAC system.  At Air Assurance, we want to help homeowners in the Tulsa Metropolitan area put more money in their bank account and spend less on utility costs.  A good place to start is with these 6 energy saving tips:

1.  Use your ceiling fans, or have some installed.  During warmer months the circulated air helps cool you; during the colder months, warm air is pushed down and circulated keeping you warmer.
2.  Consider the windows.  In warmer months, close curtains or blinds to help block out the hot sun.  In winter months, open up the drapes on the south side of your home to warm the room.  Also, make sure areas around the windows are sealed or caulked to ensure cold/hot air remains outside, not inside.
3.  Exhaust fans pull air out of your home.  Turn your exhaust fans off within a few minutes after cooking or showering.
4.  Check the thermostat.  Lower it a degree or two in winter, raise it by the same amount in the summer.  Your energy bills will lower dramatically, and you will remain comfortable.
5.  Check your air filters and replace on a consistent basis.  Dirty filters create air flow restrictions and make your unit work harder.  This can also make your system pull air from leaky ductwork which can allow cold/hot air into the home, as well as other unwanted pollutants.
6.  Have an HVAC certified contractor check out your system on a regular basis. Just like an automobile, a finely tuned piece of machinery works better and more efficiently!

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about energy saving tips and other HVAC topics, click here to download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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